Benefits of AMCA Membership

By being an AMCA Member, you will enjoy the following benefits.

All Certified Ratings Programs are based on recognized method-of-test standards. Many of AMCA International's standards have been approved as American National Standards (ANSI) and two are International (ISO) Standards. It is AMCA International's policy to apply for ANSI approval on all its standards.

AMCA International administers 22 Certified Ratings Programs which independently test equipment to verify the accuracy of the performance ratings published by manufacturers. Product lines in compliance with these programs are licensed to carry AMCA International's Certified Ratings Seal. For a complete, up to date list of these products, please consult our Certified Product Directory.

AMCA International offers publications and testing services to its member companies at significantly discounted prices.

Two general meetings of the membership are held each year - the Annual Meeting is in October and the Midyear Meeting is in April. Reports are given on all of the activities of the association. Issues of interest and concern to the industry and association are discussed.

Relations are maintained with other organizations that have areas of common interest with the association. AMCA International is represented on appropriate committees in these organizations and representatives from these organizations are invited to attend AMCA International's meetings.

To meet the needs of engineers employed by member companies, periodic engineering conferences are held. Included are presentations on technical topics directly related to the functions of the engineering staff of member companies. A report is presented on the technical activities of the association.

AMCA International biennially holds technical seminars, which cover fundamental concepts to the latest technologies on air systems components. These seminars are designed to assist engineers, specifiers and others with an interest in air system components in the selection, installation, system effects, and operation of air movement and control equipment.

AMCA International owns and operates its own testing laboratory at the association's headquarters in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Its primary purpose is to test products that are licensed to use AMCA International's Certified Ratings Seal. Laboratory time is also available for private contract testing.

In Canada and the U.S., monthly summaries of industry bookings and shipments are compiled on products within AMCA International's scope. Participation in the Statistical Program is mandatory for North American members and summaries are issued only to companies that submit reports. Periodic summaries are also compiled covering the agricultural market. The Residential Ventilation division operates a similar program on a quarterly basis.

AMCA International's Executive's Councils serve as forums for member companies having a common area of responsibility. Each of the following councils meets annually and through a steering committee, organizes programs related to its area of special interest:

  • Human Resources Executive's Council
  • Manufacturing Executive's Council
  • Sales and Marketing Council

Market segments for products within AMCA International's scope have unique requirements. The following special market groups have been formed to assist AMCA International's member companies who serve these markets:

  • Agricultural Market Group
  • Industrial Process/Power Generation Market Group
  • Transit/Tunnel Market Group

The Residential Ventilation Division has market groups for:

  • Continuous Ventilating Products Group
  • Intermittent Ventilation Products Group
  • Static/Passive Ventilating Products Group
  • Residential Product Sales and Marketing Group
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