AMCA Membership

AMCA Membership is open to any business engaged in the design, fabrication, assembly, and sale of devices within AMCA International's Product Scope.  By being a member of AMCA, you will enjoy the following BENEFITS.  The various classifications of AMCA Membership is as follows:

FULL MEMBER (Worldwide) JOINT MEMBER (Worldwide) GLOBAL MEMBER (Worldwide)
A Full Member, as defined in the AMCA bylaws, pays dues plus assessments based upon sales of AMCA scope products for its company and any Joint Members, and is entitled to one vote on issues affecting AMCA, as also defined in the AMCA bylaws. A Joint Membership as defined in the AMCA bylaws is available when a Full Member holds a minimum of 50% ownership or can prove with written documentation they control the operations of the proposed Joint Member. The Joint Member pays the same dues as a Full Member. Assessments based upon the Joint Member’s sales of AMCA scope products are included in the assessments paid by the Full Member. A Joint Member does not have a vote on issues affecting AMCA, but does have one vote on committee and division actions. A Worldwide Global Membership as defined in the AMCA bylaws is available, and may be granted by the AMCA Board of Directors, to any Full Member with one or more Joint Members that are located on more than one continent. The sum of the combined dues and assessments paid by the Global Member and all Joint Members may be capped by the Board of Directors.

AMCA Product Scope

The product scope of AMCA International includes air movement or control devices designed primarily for industrial, commercial, and/or institutional use and which are sold as complete devices (with or without motors or operators) these include but are not limited to:

  • Acoustical Duct Silencers
    Air Curtain Units
    Airflow Measurement Stations
    Backdraft Dampers (Shutters)
    Bath Fans (non-residential)
    Cast Iron Volume Fans
    Ceiling Dampers
    Ceiling Exhaust Fans
    Ceiling Fans
    Centrifugal Fans
    Downdraft Fans
    Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)
    Evaporative Coolers
    External Mount Room Ventilators (non-residential)
    Fire and Smoke Dampers
    Fixed and Adjustable Louvers

  • Flume Gas Dampers (non-residential)
    Gravity Roof Ventilators
    Guillotine Dampers
    Heat Recovery Ventilators (non-residential)
    Heavy Dampers
    High Pressure Fans
    Industrial Fans
    Induced Flow Fans
    Inline Fans (non-residential)
    Isolation Dampers
    Jet Tunnel Fans
    Kitchen Fans (non-residential)
    Make Up Air Units
    Mechanical Draft Fans
    Mixed Flow Fans
    Package Fan Units (Utility Sets)

  • Penthouses
    Positive Pressure Ventilators (PPV's)
    Power Attic Ventilators
    Power Generation Fans
    Power Roof and Wall Ventilators
    Pressure Blowers (Turbo Blowers)
    Propeller Fans
    Range Hoods (non-residential)
    Recirculating Fans (non-residential)
    Smoke Management Fans
    Spiral Duct
    Static Ventilating Devices (non-residential)
    Tubeaxial Fans
    Tubular Centrifugal Fans
    Vaneaxial Fans
    Volume Control Dampers

AMCA Membership Fees

(In Asia)
$4,500 per year .00099 x the combined value of all worldwide sales within AMCA scope of Full and related Joint Members
(waived for first year)
Included in assessments $2,200 per year $2,500 per year
$4,500 per year .00099 x the value of all sales within AMCA scope, shipped into North America
(waived for first year)
Include in assessments Assessment of Full plus all Joint Members is capped at $55,000 per year
$4,500 per year for each Full & Joint Member Company Paid by Full Member Company Include in assessments Sum of dues and assessments for Global Member group is capped at $90,000 per year
(Certified Ratings Program)
3 years in advance required
.00396 x the value of worldwide sales of licensed products Include in assessments $8,800
3 years in advance required
$55,000 per year

The Annual Dues, Fees and Assessments are effective July 1 of every year.  In addition, the AMCA Dues, Fees, Assessments, any Local Taxes, Tariffs and Transmittal Fees that may apply relate to the transfer of funds, are the sole responsibility of the member, or company.  For questions regarding membership classification or fee structure, please contact us.

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