International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016

Event: Fan Symposium 2016

Looking at the changing landscape of the Fan Efficiency Regulation around the world, it would be good to keep everyone updated.  As such, Asia AMCA will be hosting The International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016.

Venue: Beijing Oriental Bay International Hotel
Date / Time: 6th April 2016 from 9am to 6pm
Event successfully completed.

It is a one-day conference focusing on the development of fan/energy efficiency regulations in the various countries.  We have invited prominent speakers from the United States, Europe, China, India, Thailand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore to present fan/energy efficiency regulations with respect to their countries.  In addition, we will be inviting consultants, engineers, suppliers, manufactures to attend this symposium so that there will be a diverse discussion during the Q & A session.

With globalization, the world is getting smaller and businesses are no longer restricted to its locality.  Businesses need to look beyond the national level and bring it towards the international level.  This is a symposium not to be missed, considering that you will be able to gather information on fan/energy efficiency regulations from different countries in one place, thus strategizing your international approach to your business.

Event: Fan Symposium 2016 Agenda
Event: Fan Symposium 2016 Speakers
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