AMCA’s Certified Ratings Program (CRP)

The purpose of the Certified Ratings Program (CRP) is to give the buyer, specifier, and end-user of Air Movement and Control Equipment assurance that published ratings are reliable and accurate.

At the same time, the program assures manufacturers that competitive ratings are based on Standard Test Methods and Procedures, and are subject to review by AMCA International as an impartial authority.  This was developed in response to a need for validated, published product performance ratings for buyers, Read more

What is a Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG)?

A Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) is a numerical rating that classifies fans by their aerodynamic ability to convert mechanical shaft power, or impeller power in the case of a direct driven fan, to air power.  Essentially, it reflects fan energy efficiency, allowing engineers to more easily differentiate between fan models:

A more efficient fan model will have a higher FEG rating.  And FEGs apply to the efficiency of the fan only and not to the motor and drives.

FEG ratings can be applied to custom-built single fans and to series-produced fans manufactured in large quantities.

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