Our Laboratory

Asia AMCA's testing laboratory is equipped with the latest, state-of-art equipment to perform Air and Sound Tests in accordance with AMCA International Test Standards and also comply with other International Standards, such as ISO 5801.  On 23rd November 2015, our laboratory obtained the Certification of Accreditation, ISO/IEC 17025:2005,  by the Department of Standards Malaysia.

Asia AMCA's Laboratory is able to test the following products:



Air Performance Test


  • Development of Fan Curves
  • Measurement of Airflow, Pressure, Power & Efficiency

For Fan Size & Capacity:

  • Air Volume from 650 CMH to 140,000 CMH
  • Axial Fan size of up to 2.2m in Diameter
  • Centrifugal Fan size of up to 1.2m in Diameter

Test Standards:

  • AMCA Standard 210: Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Aerodynamic Performance Rating

Sound Test


  • Inlet Sound Power
  • Outlet Sound Power
  • Total Sound Power

Test Standards:

  • AMCA Standard 300: Reverberant Room Method for Sound Testing of Fans



  • Pressure Drop
  • Leakage Test

Test Standards:

  • AMCA Standard 500-D: Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating


Non-standard tests can be performed to meet customer requirements when within the physical capabilities of Asia AMCA’s laboratory facilities.
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